Media Training

With tailored training programs to prepare executives and subject matter experts for critical engagements with the media, the PowerTalk program will help you effectively deliver your message to customers, partners, competitors and shareholders.

The PowerTalk training program includes:

  • Education on the habits, tactics and needs of reporters
  • Insights on how to thoroughly prepare for interviews
  • Key tips for maintaining control of an interview and driving your message
  • On-camera interviews to simulate the pressure of talking with a reporter
  • Post-interview analysis and guidance for improving message performance

Presentation & Speech Coaching

Our Presentation & Speech Coaching turns anxious public speakers into confident presenters by providing a simple road map to follow along with other tricks of the trade. No more dreary slide shows. We’ll teach you how to power up your PowerPoint presentations.

Our Presentation & Speech Coaching covers the following:

  • Three steps to become a natural and comfortable speaker
  • Audience-targeted messaging: What do you want to leave them with?
  • Building your presentation, step-by-step and preparing for the Q&A
  • Body language 101
  • Effective use of storytelling

Social Media Coaching

The media landscape is undergoing a dramatic evolution. Traditional models for getting your message out to the world are crumbling. The press release pronouncement is an antiquated tool that has given way to the two-way conversations of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Foursquare. Are you ready to engage on social media?

Our team will help you sharpen your social media skills by:

  • Educating you on the importance of utilizing social media to tell your story
  • Sharing best-practices for participating in social media discussions
  • Demonstrating how you can attract more followers to your efforts

Crisis Readiness and Management

Are you prepared for the storm clouds on the horizon? Are you facing a public relations challenge? When today’s technology tools — blogs, social media and other resources — are combined with easy access to information, citizen journalists can fuel and accelerate a negative story at a rate that can catch any communications team off guard. To preserve your reputation in the event of a crisis or calamity, our team can provide proven strategies and tested media relations to weather the storm and improve your standing in the long-term.

With years of expertise developed in the most high-pressure communications situations, our team will help you navigate stormy seas by:

  • Conducting and in-depth assessment of your communications vulnerabilities
  • Developing an action plan for strengthening your public relations team and preparedness for a potential crisis
  • Working with you to successfully address a difficult situation by employing years of media relations experience

Message Development

In today’s increasingly digital world, time is compressed. We have no more than a matter of seconds — a single sentence or less — to grab attention and make a point.

Whether you find yourself at a press conference packed with reporters, delivering a presentation to the board of directors or simply participating in a staff meeting, the PowerTalk team will ensure that you are prepared to demonstrate the ultimate communication skill: saying everything you need to say and nothing that you do not – using simple, concise language.

The PowerTalk message development curriculum includes:

  • Understanding your target audience
  • Personalized instruction on message, optics and tone
  • How to think in 140 characters
  • Selling your message and staying on script

Executive Counsel

Many of today's CEOs, executives, managers and rising talent struggle in one key area: communication. Many top executives become anxious in front of the camera, ramble when they deliver a speech, and most commonly, have difficulty boiling down large amounts of information into short, crisp messages. Our goal is to assist CEOs, company presidents and top-level executives with message development and speech training to polish their public performances and ensure a lasting impression.

Our team has advised the President of the United States, presidential candidates, governors, senators and members of Congress. We have spent countless hours with today’s top CEOs and we have trained executives, professional athletes and celebrities. Our goal is simple: to allow the executives in your organization to effectively share your story, explain your vision and enhance your company’s brand.

Our team will work one-on-one with your top executives to assist the following:

  • Transforming your speaking anxiety into confident energy
  • Develop skills that maximize your 15-second first impression
  • Shaping your company story
  • Preparation techniques and tips on delivery

Professional Development for Communications Staff

Communications departments today are often among the most resource-challenged in the company. Being lean is admirable, as long as it doesn’t leave the company without the communications firepower needed to compete in today’s world.

We can help upgrade the performance of your communications team — and turn your communications chief into a trusted advisor — by working with your staff to:

  • Adopt a mindset of strategic thinking
  • Set communications goals and craft a game plan
  • Help them use the same communications tactics used at the White House
  • Build relationships with key media
  • Help them pitch media stories more effectively
  • Improve their social media capabilities